We are a small management consulting team with extensive experience reviewing operational effectiveness and efficiency of programs, improving engagement and collaboration, plus helping you reduce clinical and business risks in your organisation.



We help you problem solve and build bridges to your new vision of care.



Our team can review health care related program effectiveness, giving you frank and fearless feedback.



Thinking about new ways forward in delivering care? Have a chat to discuss potential gaps and issues or “better if…”



Our team has board experience and can add value to your organisation’s stewardship with strategic thinking.



We love testing new ideas which break the rules in traditional health care delivery. Be discontent with status quo!



Our team delivers new learning with impact in many different media forms. Topics range from clinical to leadership to health professional self care.


We want to make a difference in the care of people.

Care with empathy which is focussed on value not volume. We do what we do because we want to make a difference for you and the community your healthcare business serves.


We raise questions to stimulate your thinking.

  • We do it with a patient centred approach, crafted by the experience of many years working in general practice, reflecting on people and their unique needs and wants.

  • We are problem solvers for your healthcare business. Our aim is to listen to your needs and issues, identify the problem, and present solutions which fit your business/practice.

  • Data highlights the current situation to understand and frame the future possibilities.

  • Our team can provide you with astute advice on many diverse areas which may  impact your healthcare business, now and in the future.


If you are struggling with sustainability issues, BMP Healthcare Consulting can work with your practice to:


Expand the range of services offered

Optimise patient engagement

Increase adherence to treatment plans

Improve your systems for register and recall


Augment your practices ability to respond to the changing demands of your communities

Enhance working relationships and foster a collaborative approach with health professionals

Boost income and profit, contributing to the long term viability of the practice

Improve the joy in work, reducing burnout and improving patient + clinician satisfaction


Why choose BMP


We recognize the importance of people having joy in work

Remember that your patients can find it very difficult to rate their experience of your practice as 5 star when your team is rating the work day experience as 2 star!


We help you find new income streams

Rather than focus on cost cutting as a survival strategy for healthcare business, we aim to help you discover new income streams, and revitalize you and your team by reducing the friction in a work day.


Our focus is on sustainable delivery of healthcare, where the emphasis is on the care.

Care of the people in the community you serve as well as care of the people in the teams providing the care.


Our Team


Dr. Chris Bollen

Chris is an experienced healthcare leader with clinical and consulting expertise in systems for chronic disease management, doctors’ health, care of older people, the primary health care/community/hospital interfaces, quality improvement and change leadership.

He has previously been Treasurer, Chairperson and CEO of several dynamic healthcare organizations.

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Jane Bollen
RN Cert(CritCare) CertIVTAE DipAcct GAICD

With a background of nursing and accounting, plus a focus on systems and organisation, Jane is a great believer in data driven improvement for your healthcare business. She is also passionate about nurses working to their full scope of practice in primary care. This passion resulted in Jane serving as a board Director with the Australian Primary Health Care Nurse Association (APNA) 2016-18.

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